So what’s this blog about?

Well I am thinking about sharing my thoughts on some IT related stuff, creating some tutorials or just hording some useful links or materials.

I also plan to post lot of rants!

Publish date is important!

And as it usually goes with the IT, the trends are changing by weeks, all the software is constantly updated and lot of things are simply no longer valid in just couple of months so when reading some post, please check the publish date.
Oh god how I hate when I found some article without the publish date.

No warranty guys!

Please keep in mind that all the stuff provided on the blog is without any warranty. So use your head before copy pasting any code.

Why WordPress?

Well I am not a big fan of WP. When I first got into looking at it, I couldn’t believe how many things are missing in the default, you have to install plugins for everything … and this is the CMS powering 1/5 of the most visited sites on the internet? wow …

Well I don’t have time or motivation to write my own CMS, like why would I do that ? When there is WP, not perfect but still more “power-full” ( in terms of features) than any of my quick attempts. Anyway I got to code more interesting things in my spare time than some “lame” CMS šŸ™‚