So I setup our organization account in AWS, confirmed everything ( credit card / phone etc …) and when I want to add new user to the created organization I get this error message.

Try again later… Is that 5 min , couple of hours? Or even days?

After a moment of searching on the google I found out AWS forum thread about this issue.

It has over 14 pages of people complaining about this problem. The first reports are from March 2017, latest post is from Feb 2018. So it seems to be common problem?


So far it has been 3 hours and it still doesn’t work.

Based on the info I have found online the only way is to wait couple of hours or contact their support.


So after 4 hours, I got email saying that:

The payment method for your account has been verified

Now I can finally add new accounts. So it was waiting for payment verification. Still not sure why it took so many hours? I have seen similar payment verification done by others too and it took just couple of minutes because it can be all automated.

Anyway if it took more hours I think there was problem with your credit card.

AWS Experience

I got to use AWS for couple of projects. Except for the awful interface I was always satisfied as I was able to deploy / maintain all the machines I needed without much hassle. But this experience is just awful. How it can be faster to deploy tens of VMs in a cluster than just stupid initialization of the organization account. Oh god what if there is human verification in place? I think I am starting to fantasize too much, time to check that form again. Maybe it finally started working. Nope still don’t work.


When I compare this with Google Cloud platform I have to say that there are sometimes also delays when adding user permissions to some projects. I was always annoyed by this as. But it always took couple of minutes, max 10 minutes. Now I think I will never ever complain about 10 minutes wait time.

I have yet to try Azure cloud as the last one from the Big 3. Would be interesting how is the experience there.  Do you think you have to wait weeks there?

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